This is my little refugium online and I’d like to share some thoughts and opinions with whom ever this may interests on here, as I find, that most of the more hip homes for content like LinkedIn or Medium are a bit to volatile, especially when one talks about stuff like mainframes!

Most content will deal with my professional life as IT Architect, working with Mainframes. All opinions on here are my own and not necessarily reflect IBM’s (my employer) perspective. 

So one might wonder, why you should care at all about my opinions, especially when we never met. Aside of my short CV that you can find on here as well, I quickly want to give you an idea on why I think some of my writing could be of interest:
I did study computer science in a cooperative scheme, where I spend half of my time working for IBM, while I studied the other half. Early on I met this strange technology called Mainframe and ever since, I am very interested in this area of computing. Even it seems some people belive I have a more faith like relationship with these types of computers, I did so far not encounter a more powerful technology, if I ever find it, I won’t have any problems to admit it..

Over the years I became a well known expert for modern technologies on IBM Z and I am interested in modern IT paradigms. But again, I am rarely religious about them. I have a broad understanding of IT trends and developments and am able to classify those technologies, especially I focus on integration of existing technologies with new stuff.

Aside of my professional life I am quite an enthusiast of Indie Music, New Wave, Jazz and other flavours of Rock music and I love to spend my evenings at concerts and the nights dancing in a club. This matches my second career in which I (less often then I liked to) work as an event technician, with a focus on lightning. In the past 7 years I also discovered a great passion for hiking, especially in the alps. 

Where to find me

I am a Podcast host of the “Mainframe what the Heck” Podcast that can be found on Spotify and anywhere you can get Podcasts. Also I am a regular speaker in “The Billion Transaction Machine – Das kleine Mainframe 1×1” and host the “IBM Z Application Platform Talk”. Furthermore I speak at many conferences and regularly do keynotes for customer Events. Hope to meet you soon somewhere!